Season Three

Season Three

Recorded and released in 2023

Katy Plummer

Katy talks us through quitting art only to be tricked back into it, not being swept onto the couch to watch from the sidelines, and the power of naps.

Tony Albert

Tony Albert shares how working inside the institution led him to understand the kind of artist he wanted to be, taking big leaps of faith, giving back to the arts community and overcoming nerves and anxiety.

Hayley Millar Baker

Hayley Millar Baker discusses what makes a successful art work, retiring her early career works, applying to residencies when you have a family and we dive into the issues with art prizes.

JD Reforma

JD Reforma talks us through his experience working in arts organisations, finding your voice and confidence as an artist, learning financial literacy, and being happy with making one good art work a year.

Sarah Poulgrain

In the episode Sarah Poulgrain discusses creating a live/work studio and gallery space, forming and nurturing community, and creating a house boat as a solution to living and gallery spaces in a time of climate crisis.

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

In this episode Abdul-Rahman Abdullah talks about his strategy when he was an emerging “mature aged” artist, the challenges W.A based artists artist face and managing family and art practice in a double artist house hold.

Talia Smith

Talia Smith shares how she balances working both as an artist and a curator, dealing with structural racism, defining success, her love for sleeping in and naps and how it’s all about the the friends we meet along the way.

Monica Rani Rudhar

Monica talks through her experience of taking time off after completing art school before embarking on her own practice, the joys and connections with working with family archives and the importance of having training in firstaid.