Season Four

Season Four

Recorded and released in 2023

Christopher Bassi

Christopher talks us through creating a holistic and expansive creative practice, learning practice in different work environments, the support of your community and city in establishing your practice and loving painting.

Lara Chamas

Lara Chamas shares her experience of learning “hard skills”, the limitations of working from home when working with materials, and protecting yourself and your art work.

Jake Preval

Jake Preval talks us through the realities of showing with commercial galleries, what happens when sculptures break releasing litres of piss, structuring studio time and working with a variety of materials.

Leyla Stevens

Leyla discusses finding video as a medium, changing living situations to continue to practice and be with her family, a pivotal experience on residency and what happens when the world isn’t ready for your practice.

Samuel Luke

Samuel discusses his move from working as a digital freelance creator to focusing more on his own practice, working across digital media and textiles and the differences between presenting his artwork online and in person.

Sophie Penkethman-Young

Sophie chats through having an expanded practice that encompasses both her art work and her professional work, moving interstate, having a terrible time in honours, DJing at kids play centres and the joys of collaboration.

Shan Turner-Carroll

Shan discusses Growing up regionally, studying overseas, metal health, the support of family and the magic of residencies.