Pro Prac Symposium

Pro Prac Symposium

Recorded live online as a panel discussion – May 2020
Pro Prac Symposium was a series of panel discussions with Melbourne artists on the topics of parenting, working outside of gallery systems, project and time management and artist residencies. The Symposium was recorded on Saturday 2nd of May 2020 and was made possible through the support of City of Melbourne Annual Arts Grants.

Making and Working Outside of the Gallery

In this session artist and curator Arie Rain Glorie and artist and program manager of Art in Public Space at RMIT Fiona Hillary discuss the benefits, pitfalls and everything in-between when creating work and exhibiting outside of traditional gallery models.

Artist as Parent

In this session of Pro Prac Symposium, Ross Coulter, Lucreccia Quintanilla, and Lichen Kelp discuss all things parenting in the arts, including parenting as an artist, sharing care, managing your practice with your parenting and work responsibilities, and undertaking international opportunities with children.

On Artist Residencies

In this session of Pro Prac Symposium, Kiera chats with artist and curator Andy Butler and Executive Director of Res Artis Eliza Roberts about the benefits of undertaking both national and international residencies; the relevance of residencies in times of social media and connectedness; how to make the most out of a residency and what the future of residencies look like in light of Covid-19.

Time and Project Management

In this session Nick is in conversation with Anusha Kenny, Torika Bolatagici, James Nguyen as they discuss all things time and project management. The session includes: keeping your art practice going while working demanding jobs, raising children and participating in your community, how to deliver projects on deadlines, and managing your time to maintain both your mental and physical health.

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Pro Prac acknowledges City of Melbourne’s generous contribution to Pro Prac Symposium through their annual arts grants program