Season Two

Season Two

Recorded and released 2019

James Nguyen

In our debut episode of season two, we talked with artist James Nguyen about his career, getting around with institutions and being strategic

Jenna Pippett

In episode two we have our discussion with Artist and Arts Worker Jenna Pippet (live via telephone where Jenna is a volunteer at the 2019 Venice Biennale) about the weird place between emerging and mid-career, netball, family, and ~secret service documents~

Torika Bolatagici

In episode three we speak with Mother, Artist and Educator Torika Bolatagici about Family, teaching professional practice, her early beginnings in photography, and the importance of community

Karena Keys

In episode four we chat with Artist and Arts Worker Karena Keys via telephone about working in the arts, the importance of teamwork in raising a family, having an arts practice and a job, choosing your friends and finding your people

Katie West

In episode five we talk with Artist Katie West about collaboration, processes and workspaces and how to think about utilising diminishing resources in your practice

Sarah Werkmeister

In episode six we do a deep dive with Arts Writer (Radio Presenter? Bookbinder? Cheesemaker? Zine Producer?) Sarah Werkmeister about rage as a resource, QLD politics and the challenge of working in the industry with an ongoing medical condition

Kate Power

In episode seven we talk to Artist and Art Writer Kate Power about imagination, drinking and dancing as a resource, swimming, studio time and going at your own pace

Sara Lindsay

In episode eight talk with Artist, Curator and Educator Sara Lindsay about career, mental illness, the changes in how we talk about immigration, and everything textiles

Sibyl Kempson

In episode nine we chat with New York based artist, writer, playwright, performer and director/creator of 7 Daughters of Eve Theatre & Performance Company Sibyl Kempson about growing up, mythology, non-hierarchical collaboration, prioritising your to do list to reflect your life goals, and Louise Hay (a lot)

Christina Hayes Haley

On our final episode of the season, year and decade (!) we speak with Artist, Curator, Theatre Designer, Educator and New Mother Christina Hayes Haley about working with family, moving continents, working across disciplines, women’s health, and resources, resources, resources