Season One

Season One

Recorded and released in 2019

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Steaphan Paton

In our first episode of season one, we speak with artist Steaphan Paton about what informs his approach to his practice. Steaphan shares how he structures his time to be in a continual process of making

Yandell Walton

In episode two, we speak with Yandell Walton about her journey into working with digital media both within and outside of the gallery. Yandell shares stories of being driven and relentless to pursue your career and constantly innovate in your practice

Kevin Chin

In the third installment of season one, we speak with Kevin Chin about his experiences from art school to being represented by galleries in both Melbourne and Sydney. Kevin shares challenges he has had to and continues to overcome, and how he addresses structural inequality within his painting practice

Anusha Kenny

In episode four we speak with independent arts writer and lawyer Anusha Kenny. Anusha talks us through how she made her way in to both the arts and the law and how she makes time to continue her writing practice while working as a Policy Lawyer for the Sentencing Advisory Council

Michael Candy

In episode five with artist Michael Candy we discuss the practicalities of creating while traveling, avoiding your practice being pigeonholed by labels, and time/money balance

Bridie Gillman

In episode six of season one, we talk with artist Bridie Gillman about her painting, sculpture and photography practice. We talk about what we wish we learnt in school, about separating your work/studio life, and as always, emails emails emails

Lynda Roberts

In episode seven, with Artist and Public Art wizard Lynda Roberts, we discuss burnout, workaholism, big pivot points, architecture and design, alternative health practices, the importance of patience, and working collaboratively in art and love

Arie Rain Glorie

In episode eight with artist and curator Arie Rain Glorie we discuss routines, relationships, the importance of friends, the impact of theatre on Arie’s view on visual art, festivals, community art, and the importance of making mistakes. He has affirmed that indeed, he’s chowing croissants for breakfast now.

Kelly Fliedner

In episode nine, we speak with writer and curator Kelly Fliedner about how showing up, being nice to people and not instrumentalising relationships goes a long way; about not being strategic, and the pros and cons of an early (night time!) start to the day

Salote Tawale

In the finale of season one we talk with artist Salote Tawale about structuring your time, how to get better at writing grant applications, shaking things up by moving interstate, the influence of heritage, and the benefits of ice cream breaks and yum cha