Pro Prac

Pro Prac is created and produced by artists Kiera Brew Kurec and Nick Breedon

You can find and listen to Pro Prac on SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify

Pro Prac is an interview style podcast aimed at creating transparency amongst the lives of working artists. Through weekly interviews, Kiera Brew Kurec and Nicole Breedon speak with artists about how they create a sustainable arts practice. Conceived as the talk behind the artist talk, the podcast covers under-represented subjects and facets within the arts including finances, mental health, sustainability, social expectations, privilege, productivity, acceptance and belonging.

Pro Prac has produced two seasons of the podcast, featuring 10 artists in both seasons one and two. In 2020 Pro Prac produced a 20 episode short series How Are You Today? to check in with artists affected by lockdowns due to coronavirus

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